Wulfe Equities

Wulfe Equities invests in commercial retail real estate properties in Texas. Additionally, Wulfe Equities has a special emphasis on properties located in the greater Houston area. The properties are described as either single-tenant retail, multi-tenant retail or mixed-use with a retail component. The investments are in real estate classifications known as core, core plus and opportunistic.

Wulfe Equities' investment strategy is guided by the real estate experience, knowledge and expertise of Ed Wulfe, Robert Sellingsloh and the entire Wulfe & Co. organization. Mr. Wulfe and Mr. Sellingsloh have over 85 combined years of experience in acquiring, leasing, managing and disposing of retail real estate investments.

Investment objectives are to:

  • Preserve invested capital;
  • Invest in and operate commercial real estate properties that (i) have a retail component and (ii) are located in Texas, with an emphasis on properties located in the greater Houston area;
  • Pay regular cash distributions from Core and Core Plus assets;
  • Pay regular cash distributions from developed and redeveloped assets after completion of the development process; and
  • Benefit from an increase in valuation through asset appreciation.

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